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Remediation efforts continue after a mechanical failure led to a gasoline spill Saturday from a gasoline reservoir in East Whiteland, PA.

Clean–up efforts Sunday focused on flushing a storm drain that accepted several thousand gallons of fuel after the mechanical mishap at a petroleum distribution center.

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Buckeye Terminals LLC estimated 5,300 gallons of gasoline released when a strainer vessel in the terminal’s vapor recovering unit process piping failed. The company said workers replaced the failed strainer vessel.

According to township Fire Marshal Ken Battin, the primary efforts to clean the site of the spill have included the use of vacuum trucks, booms and pads. The booms and pads are absorption materials that target hydrocarbons in gasoline, removing it from water bodies.

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“Currently, we have finished most of the remediation of the (spill),” said David Boone, manager for Buckeye Partners, which operates the distribution center. “The situation is stable and in the clean-up phase.”

Remediation measures included repeatedly flushing out the stormwater sewers with water and then vacuuming the remaining gasoline and water mixture.

There was not an explosion from the spill. There were no injuries, said authorities.

Boone explained the strainer vessel that failed is a kind of gasoline pipeline inside the facility.

Battin said while the gas from the petroleum tank farm had spilled into a nearby stormwater system, it stopped before it reached Little Valley Creek.

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