A fire sprinkler system minimized damage to medical device maker in Santa Ana, CA, after a fire of unknown origin broke out Sunday night, fire officials said.

“It’s a great example of fire sprinklers doing their job,” said Capt. Larry Kurtz, spokesman for the Orange County Fire Authority. “This could have been a much bigger problem.”

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The fire was reported at Orchid Orthopedics in the 3200 block of West Harvard Street after an automatic alarm sounded, Kurtz said. Four employees got out of the building safely, and the fire sprinklers kept the fire in check until firefighters from OCFA and Fountain Valley Fire Department arrived, officials said.

Thirty-two firefighters responded to the alarm, including a hazardous-materials team sent inside to check the premises for chemicals and see if there was any spillage, Kurtz said.

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There were no injuries in the incident, Kurtz said. The business, which makes orthopedic implants, sustained smoke damage, minor damage to equipment and minor damage to the building, he said.

The cause of the fire was under investigation.

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