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Free messaging and video sharing app Tango ended up hacked over the weekend, potentially compromising millions of users’ information.

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a group that attacks websites to spread pro-Bashar al-Assad information, said it accessed more than 1.5 terabytes of the company’s daily backup information. The information it managed to download included customers’ private phone numbers, contacts and emails, according to a post on its site.

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The group posted a series of images to show it did hack the system, including screenshots of what it said was a network folder, the Tango app log and the backup folder’s size, before saying it would send along “much of the information” to the Syrian government.

Palo Alto, CA-based Tango verified the breach on Saturday.

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“Tango experienced a cyber intrusion that resulted in unauthorized access to some data. We are working on increasing our security systems,” the company tweeted, adding “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this breach may have caused our members.”

Tango’s cofounder and chief security officer Eric Setton told NPR Sunday the site had been attacked, and that “increased security protocols are now in place.”

Tango is a multiplatform free application that allows users to text and video chat, play games and share photos.

More than 130 million people use the app worldwide, according to a description on Google Play, but it remains just how many of those users may have had their information compromised.

The SEA continued in a successful wave of hacks this year, targeting the Twitter account of the Associated Press and the satirical news site The Onion while continuing to launch attacks against Syrian rebel sympathizers.

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