Splashing acid and other serious hazards are putting employees at a Sylvania, OH, metal coating company in danger of serious and debilitating injuries because their employer is not providing appropriate protective clothing and other safety equipment, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA investigators found similar hazards at Moore Chrome Products Company in 2012. OSHA issued one willful, five repeated and four serious violations to the company, which does business as Moore Metal Finishing. Inspectors found the violations during a follow-up inspection in February. Moore Chrome faces $115,500 in fines.

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Inspectors noted workers dipping and coating metal parts in acid-plating tanks lacked proper clothing and protection for their eyes and faces. They also found Moore Chrome failed to protect employees from respiratory hazards, and did not meet required safety standards for the chemicals in use. The company also allowed machines to operate without adequate safety guards.

“Moore Chrome Products continues to maintain an environment where employees are exposed to serious chemical and machinery hazards,” said Kim Nelson, area director of OSHA’s Toledo office. “The company needs to re-evaluate its safety and health programs to ensure workers are provided with the equipment and the training they need to prevent injury and illness on the job.”

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OSHA’s inspection found the employer failed to:
• Require workers to wear personal protective equipment, including arm, body, eye and face protection
• Provide medical surveillance to employees exposed to hazardous chemicals
• Follow respiratory protection standards, such as providing fit-testing and medical evaluations for employees
• Label acid tanks with identifiable information about the chemicals in use
• Provide accessible emergency eyewash and shower stations
• Install adequate machine safety guards
• Train workers on safe electrical work practices
• Periodically inspect lifting devices used to lift parts into acid baths

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