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Powder Cote II is facing $65,000 in fines for failing to provide fall protection or guardrail systems, guard rotating shafts and machinery, and failing to control the startup of machinery during maintenance at its Mount Clemens, MI, facility, said officials at the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Michigan OSHA).

The company was previously cited for these violations in 2014.

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Among the list of citations, the top issues were three repeat serious and three serious violations:
• There were no fall protection or guardrail systems utilized when performing belt changes, and bearing greasing tasks on top of the oven located in Building 57.
• There were no guards around two rotating shafts along with the top cooling mechanism for the mixers located in the chemical room located in Building 80.
• An employer shall assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present. The workplace hazard assessment was incomplete; in that it did not address potential hazards to the eyes from flying debris while performing spray-finishing and powder coating operations in Buildings 50, 57, 60, and 80

In addition, Powder Cote II was previously cited for a violation of these occupational safety and health standards:
• The adjustable blade guard was not maintained to within 1/4 inch of the steel stock that was cut on the Delta vertical band saw located in the welding area of Building 70.
• Control of hazardous energy sources. Energy control procedures were not utilized during the following:
a. When an employee performs saw blade changes on the Markel horizontal band saw located in Building 70. Employee uses e-stop only to control energy to saw.
b. When an employee enters the 80-5 wash tunnel in building 80 to perform spray nozzle changes. Employee only hits/activates e-stop to shut off conveyor.
• The appropriate level of energy isolation training was not provided to employees.

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