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Microsoft patched a boatload of security issues this month, including a chunk with remote code execution vulnerabilities.

The software giant fixed 48 security issues in six of its main product categories in this month’s security release.

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The products that received security updates are Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe Flash Player, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Of all the security issues patched this month, three became public before they were patched CVE-2017-8620, CVE-2017-8627, and CVE-2017-8633.

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Microsoft said it did not detect any of them used in live attacks.

One of the vulnerabilities addressed is emerging as a major concern.

A remote code execution vulnerability affecting how Windows Search handles objects in memory could allow an attacker to take complete control of servers or workstations.

The flaw could allow for an attack to leverage an SMB connection to access other parts of a network.

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