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A patch to fix a patch went out from Microsoft, but some users said they are still suffering from the same issue on their Windows 7 machines that ends up leading to the dreaded “blue screen of death (BSOD).”

While it was not an across the board issue, some posts on Microsoft’s Community forums said deploying the new KB2993651 update doesn’t make any difference and actually leads to the very same BSODs as before.

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“Can you believe this?! I installed patch KB2993651 today, allegedly fixing the problem. Yet, lo and behold, upon reboot, my Windows just hang! Totally dead (with no disk activity of any kind). Had to reset machine four times to finally get it to start again, and now I’m scared to reboot again,” one user wrote.

Other dispatches said Microsoft’s new patch solved all issues, at least on Windows 7 PCs.

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Microsoft said there are a few issues with the new patch, but nothing that could lead to more BSODs or errors which could block the booting process.

In most of the cases, KB2993651 works as expected and installs just fine on Windows 7, with no other BSODs.

At this point, it appears the issue remains on a small number of computers, but it’s not yet clear whether these problems are from the update or users aren’t following Microsoft’s instructions when trying to repair the problems.

Microsoft said everyone should remove the original patch, especially due to compatibility problems that could in the end affect the overall stability and reliability of the operating system.

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