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Microsoft will invest $1 billion every year in cyber security, as it’s working to introduce new protection systems that would make its products tougher.

The software giant wants to focus more on cyber security research and development in the coming years, and the $1 billion budget does not include companies the company would purchase.

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“As more and more people use the cloud, that spending has to go up,” said Bharat Shah, Microsoft vice president of security.

Microsoft already purchased several Israeli companies that developed new solutions in the cybersecurity field, and the company is looking to have more efficient methods of boosting security of its products.

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Enterprise security startup Aorato, cloud security firm Adallom, and Secure Islands, have ended up urchased by Microsoft, while more recently, the company unveiled investments in Team8, an Israeli-based organization that contributed to the creation of several advanced security technologies for a wide variety of markets, including banks.

Security for Microsoft a major movement moving forward for all of its products, including Windows 10 and Office, with the firm implementing new technologies with every large update.

Windows 10 comes with biometric authentication, but also with Zero Day mitigation technologies that are very efficient in blocking exploits of vulnerabilities not yet patched in the operating system.

With the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10, Microsoft is also working on overhauling Windows Defender, the company’s in-house antivirus solution that comes pre-installed on all systems.

Windows Defender will become Windows Defender Security Center, grouping not only malware detection and removal tools but also other features that can help boost system performance and address problems with other system components, such as drivers.

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