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A Canadian-based gold and copper mining company ended up hit by members of the Anonymous hacking group.

This isn’t a full-blown data breach against BCGold Corp., as the hackers have done in the past to other companies, but an incident where one of the group’s members wanted to bring Anonymous’ most recent campaign to attention.

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Anonymous got ahead of the server left an embedded YouTube video of Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

The hack is part of Anonymous #OpCanary operation, which started a few years back but has never got the public’s attention because of its its heavy political tone.

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The op aims at multinational corporations and the governments that support them, with a heavy focus on the military and mining industries, where, as the group said, most of the human rights abuses take place.

BCGold is a mining corporation registered in Canada, a country with which the hacker collective has a bone to pick, according to one of their statements published last year.

“89 percent of all global mining equity financing is done on Canada’s Toronto Stock Exchange,” the hackers wrote in November of last year. “75 percent of the world’s resource corporations are registered in Canada where the Canadian government and judiciary shield their global mafia from accountability from their human rights abuses and environmental destruction worldwide.”

The group also lists various instances in their statement where the Canadian government voted against UN decisions that would have benefited indigenous populations, but they would have also damaged the interests of all these corporations.

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