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Mister Cookie Face LLC is facing $103,476 in fines for machine safety hazards after an employee suffered an amputation at the Lakewood, New Jersey, facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

A sanitation employee suffered a fingertip amputation and a fractured finger when the machine the worker attempted to unjam, activated.

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OSHA investigators cited the company for failing to lockout machines to prevent unintentional startup during servicing, not ensuring employees used personal protective equipment, not providing an eyewash station where employees used corrosive chemicals, and for exposing employees to bloodborne pathogens hazards.

The company is facing 10 serious violations and one repeat offense.

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“This injury could have been avoided with worker training and the use of lockout/tagout procedures,” said OSHA Marlton Area Office Director Paula Dixon-Roderick. “Employers who implement an effective safety and health program can ensure that workplace hazards are identified and corrected to prevent worker injuries or fatalities.”

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