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Data on nuclear reactors and fighter aircraft are now residing on new servers after hackers that penetrated Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.’s computer systems in cyber attacks in September gained access to information about the contractor’s development plans.

Data on the company’s fighter aircraft development transferred from one server to another due probably to computer viruses, Japan Defense Ministry sources said. The ministry said the data do not pertain to any confidential national security matters, Defense Ministry sources said.

Mitsubishi Heavy Hack: Nuclear Info
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Mitsubishi Heavy Hack: Nuclear Info

Separately, sources at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said data pertaining to nuclear reactors transferred between company servers. But the sources said there is little chance that confidential nuclear reactor data leaked.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries previously reported its computer network had come under cyber attack and 45 servers and 38 computers suffered from over 50 types of viruses at 11 locations in Japan, including the company’s plant in Aichi Prefecture that builds missiles and aircraft engines.

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Among the viruses was a Trojan which could have transmitted data outside.

Some of the affected servers and computers connected to websites abroad, resulting in a loss of some data including Internet Protocol addresses, Mitsubishi Heavy said.

The company has given assurances about the safety of its information on defense-related products and technology, saying they tightly guarded the data.

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