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Employees mixing chemicals started a fire Monday night at a Lincoln, NE, business and it caused minor damage, officials said.

The incident occurred just after 7:30 p.m. at General Dynamics, just southeast of 27th and Superior in Lincoln.

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The incident occurred when employees at the plant were mixing chemicals as part of their routine manufacturing process, and the chemicals had a reaction which was more extensive than normal. It caused the chemicals to ignite.

Employees used extinguishers to get the fire out. It was in a room that contains different chemicals so firefighters were cautious in entering that room.

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No one suffered an injury in the incident.

The plant was evacuated for a couple hours but will now run as normal, according to Lincoln Fire Rescue.

Operated by General Dynamics’ Ordinance and Tactical Systems business since 1963, the Lincoln facility manufactures composite rocket motor cases, missile launch tubes, pressure vessels, and structures for defense and aerospace uses, according to information on the company’s website.

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