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American Walnut Company LLC is facing $199,183 in fines for two repeated and 14 serious safety violations, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA initiated an inspection of the St. Joseph sawmill after an employee suffered fatal injuries when he fell into a machine.

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OSHA’s safety investigation of the March 12 incident found the company failed to evaluate job hazards, control hazardous energy, and ensure machines were equipped with adequate guards.

The investigation also found the company exposed workers to hazards associated with falls, ladders and electrical safety.

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“Employers must continually evaluate job hazards and ensure safety guards are in use to protect workers from known hazards in their facilities,” said OSHA Kansas City Area Office Director Karena Lorek. “Employers and workers with questions on OSHA standards can contact OSHA for guidance on creating an effective safety and health program.”

Observed noise hazards prompted a subsequent health inspection in April that found the company exposed workers to hazards associated with combustible dust, noise and the use of chemicals in the facility.

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