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Mocana, device security solution provider for IoT and industrial control systems, and PrimeKey, an open source PKI and digital signing firm, will integrate the Mocana TrustCenter and PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise.

The integration enables end-to-end identity provisioning and security lifecycle management for IoT and industrial control system (ICS) devices and software.

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Innovation, agility, and time to market in today’s evolving IoT environment cannot end up hindered by complex security solutions, which means smart integrations from security providers are a must.

The goal behind the integration is for PrimeKey and Mocana to simplify cybersecurity for mission-critical IoT and industrial systems.

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Mocana TrustCenter is a device security orchestration and management platform that simplifies the provisioning and management of keys, digital certificates, firmware updates and software updates on IoT and ICS devices.

PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise s a widely adopted public key infrastructure (PKI) platform for companies that want full control of the issuance and management of their digital certificates. With the integration, users can easily provision identities and manage the authentication of their devices at IoT-scale, into the millions of devices.

“IoT is a fast-growing market where PKI plays a vital part in the security of connected devices and IoT. For PrimeKey, collaborating with companies like Mocana and their smart TrustCenter platform is critical to make robust security easily available for all, ,” said Admir Abdurahmanovic, vice president and business development director at PrimeKey.

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