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Early adopters sometimes reap great dividends and knowledge about various applications, but sometimes it can present a problem.

In this case all of that may be true as there are two more threats targeting early adopters of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8 Exploit Ready to Go
Trojan that Supports Windows 8
LinkedIn Emails lead to BlackHole
XSS Top Web Attack

The TROJ_FAKEAV.EHM malware and a phishing email scam targeting Windows 8 customers is now out there, said researchers at Trend Micro. This is latest discovery is not the first Windows 8 attack hitting the market.

This malware reportedly ends up hosted and spread via a number of malicious sites. It infects machines by bringing up a fake scanning result window that aims to dupe its victims into purchasing a bogus antivirus program for Windows 8.

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The phishing email looks to fool users into handing over sensitive data, like their email address and password, by masquerading as a fake, free Windows 8 download offer.

“It is typical for cyber criminals to piggyback on the highly-anticipated release of any latest technology to take their malware, spam, malicious app to new heights,” said Trend Micro researcher Gelo Abendan.

“The appearance of the Instagram app we previously reported coincided with the news of Facebook’s acquisition of the photo sharing app,” Abendan said. “Similarly, malicious versions of Bad Piggies surfaced right after the app’s launch.”

These scams are just two of many discovered targeting the Windows system. Earlier in October a similar malicious email scam pretending to be an e-ticket receipt was uncovered targeting British Airways customers.

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