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Moxa Remote Connect is a remote connection management platform that includes server and client software along with a hardware gateway.

Moxa launched a Remote Connect Suite which provides an easier and more secure way to connect to remote machines and equipment for the performance of critical troubleshooting, maintenance, data acquisition, and device management.

Designed for Industrial IoT environments, the Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) is a remote connection management platform that includes server and client software along with a hardware gateway to bridge the gap between field devices, engineers, and application servers for greater visibility and support.

Hosted on Amazon EC2, MRC connects Ethernet-based edge devices to the server portal with the security needed in today’s networks. Client software connects the engineer’s laptop to the server portal so that they can manage all devices in real-time through a HTTPS web console.

Cyber Security

“With an easy to use design, secure connections, and flexible connectivity, the Moxa Remote Connect allows OEMs to access their remote machines effortlessly and streamline their maintenance efforts” said Li Peng, product manager in Moxa’s Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure business unit.

The MRC Auto Configuration function makes installation “plug-and-play” simple with no need for¬†extensive IT knowledge and no requirement to¬†configure VPNs, perform complex firewall settings or reconfigure IP Addresses. MRC provides Smart IP Mapping to avoid IP conflicts and is firewall friendly to comply with existing IT security policies, allowing companies that need secure remote access to minimize the amount of time and effort spent on deployment.

To combat security risks that present themselves when data is collected through the Internet, MRC is equipped with end-to-end encryption to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. The Smart Protection function includes an embedded firewall that permits remote access under whitelist control without disrupting local networks. In order to provide an on-demand maintenance service, access to machines is fully controlled by machine operators.

MRC delivers greater flexibility by supporting a variety of connections including 1-to-1, multiple-to-multiple, and site-to-site. It empowers companies to remotely manage numerous machines and users at different locations, which makes it an ideal solution as businesses scale to satisfy growing demand.

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