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Moxa Inc. released a major upgrade for its MXview industrial network management software.

Enhanced compatibility now lets customers integrate MXview into IT and OT systems. In addition, it is possible to centrally manage large-scale networks featuring up to 10 sites using real-time, operational data to configure, monitor and diagnose a maximum of 20,000 devices.

Key to the success of the new upgrade is a faster, more user-friendly interface that provides full visibility and holistic transparency into network status. MXview will generate comprehensive reports, including inventory, traffic and availability, that empower customers to transform complex system metrics into IIoT performance indicators.

“MXview is a scalable network management tool developed to deal with the expanding industrial network requirements of the IIoT,” said Theo Lai, Product Manager at Moxa. “We developed the latest version of MXview with two goals in mind: to make network management easier and to ensure that the software is simple-to-use for the best user experience.”

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In order to further simplify network management, MXview allows users to get the data they need from a main control dashboard where IT professionals can quickly analyze and respond to network changes so the issues can be resolved before escalating and impacting the business. Integration is simple: a web widget generates a URL enabling the integration of MXview into SCADA systems and other web-based applications where the control dashboard can be viewed from both local and remote sites at anytime. In addition to integrating MXview into OT applications, the software now supports RESTful API, which provides IT engineers with more options to manage industrial networks using their own dashboard to minimize maintenance effort.

The net result of these upgrades is more effective use of network assets, which can lead to lower costs and reduced risk.

Key elements for MXview:
• Easily integrated into third-party applications with a web widget and RESTful API interface
• Central management of device monitoring, configurations, and firmware for 10 different sites with 20,000 devices
• Network dashboard provides a convenient way to check the network status
• Discovers and visualizes network devices and physical connections automatically
• Multiple options for events and notifications with self-defined thresholds and durations

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