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Five workers suffered injuries in an explosion at an oil well near Waynesboro, MS.

Sean Dunlap, spokesman for Wayne County Emergency Management Agency, said the workers suffered burns. He did not know the extent of their injuries. They ended up taken to Wayne General Hospital in Waynesboro.

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Dunlap said the explosion caused a small fire, which emergency responders quickly put out. He said the explosion also damaged a pickup truck and a portable petroleum-chemical storage tank.

Mosbacher Energy Company, based in Houston, Texas, operates the oil well. The workers were contractor for Mosbacher and did not work for the company directly, according to Mississippi Oil and Gas Board Field Director Allen Floyd.

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Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality workers are now inspecting the site.

“It was not on a massive scale,” said Dunlap of the explosion and subsequent fire. “The amount of injuries was higher than we’re used to.”

Dunlap says there are about 12 homes in a 2-mile radius near the oil field. No residents needed evacuation.

“We currently have no clue what (started) the explosion,” Dunlap said.

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