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National Instruments won the exida Logic Solver Safety Award for its NI-9351 module.

The exida Safety Awards honor exida-certified products or processes that demonstrate new and innovative work in the realm of functional safety and cybersecurity, which improves the application of IEC 61508 or IEC 62443.

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Sellersville, PA-based exida is a certification provider for functional safety, cybersecurity, and alarm management for the process industries.

The NI-9351 is an analog input and digital I/O Functional Safety Module capable of SIL 3 certification according to IEC 61508.

Cyber Security

The NI-9351 works with 24 V industrial logic levels to directly connect to various sensor types, including process sensors, light curtains, emergency e-stop buttons, and final elements such as remote actuated valves, contactors, and motor drives.

The NI team chose the exida certification for their NI-9351 because of their global presence.

“Exida was very open to NI’s design approach,” said Rudy Sengupta, hardware engineering director at NI. “They literally wrote the book on how to create functionally safe products, and they were open to new technologies and techniques, which gave us the flexibility to innovate while meeting key industry standards.”

“NI has taken an innovative approach to logic solver design. After dozens of logic solver certification projects, we were pleased to see their unique approach,” said William Goble, exida managing director.

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