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An excavator struck an oil pipeline in western North Dakota, spilling about 75 barrels of crude, or about 3,150 gallons, Tesoro Corp. said.

The company said the incident occurred Wednesday afternoon near Cartwright, ND, which is west of Watford City near the Montana border.

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Tesoro said the release of oil stopped and they recovered about 70 barrels’ worth of oil. The company says there were no injuries, and there appears to be little impact on wildlife.

This pipeline break comes on the heels of a series of small spills over the past week that were not huge individually, but they continue to add up and leads to questions of if safety is a top priority out in the field.

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In one incident, the Department of Health said one spill was at a well site about eight miles east of Williston. Some of the 300 barrels of crude oil released sprayed off the location onto agricultural land. Zavanna, LLC owns that site. The company says about 295 barrels have been recovered from within the storage tank containment dike.

The second spill was 20 miles northeast of Watford City. Officials say about 35 barrels released, some of which sprayed off and reached a small, frozen pond. Newfield Production Company owns the site. The company said it recovered approximately 20 barrels.

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