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A short crude oil pipeline project gained approval Wednesday in Mountrail County, North Dakota.

At issue was it took over a year to work with the U.S. Air Force to avoid disturbing underground communication cables for a missile silo over a portion of the proposed route.

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In January 2015, Houston-based Plains All American Pipeline LP submitted a proposal to the North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC) to construct a 10-mile, 8-inch diameter crude pipeline to begin at the Robinson Lake Facility in Mountrail County and end at the Van Hook Rail Facility southeast of New Town.

The project had an estimated cost of $9 million and would be able to move up to 25,000 barrels per day of crude oil at full capacity. A company official said construction could wrap up this summer.

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PSC chairwoman Julie Fedorchak said the project experienced delays due to its proximity to a U.S. Air Force missile silo.

“The project crosses some buried cable,” Fedorchak said, adding an agreement now allows the company to bore underneath a communication cable that runs to a missile silo.

The pipeline will come equipped with a leak detection system and also end up monitored 24 hours a day from a site in Houston.

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