Necurs is a growing piece of malware that has been infecting thousands of machines, including 83,427 unique computers in November alone, said researchers at Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center.

Researchers said Necurs usually distributes via websites that host the BlackHole exploit kit. Once the threat finds itself on a computer, it downloads additional malicious elements, it disables security applications, and it hides its components.

Chrome Wards Off BlackHole
BlackHole Exploit Kit Details
Password Stealing Malware Incognito
Europe Domains Host BlackHole

The malware also allows its masterminds to gain complete control over the infected device through its backdoor functionality.

This is not the only damage that Necurs is capable of causing; it can also send spam and install pieces of scareware.

Schneider Bold

Security experts also said the malware might be capable even of disabling Microsoft Security Essentials’ real time protection.

Microsoft researchers have published a technical analysis of how Necurs manages to accomplish all these tasks.

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