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Netgear released new firmware that removes an issue that disabled wireless connections.

The update also corrects the unit’s currentsetting.htm page so it shows the correct information in region field, as well as removes the debug file /tmp/yuziven1 and fixes unterminated try when checkfw fails.

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When it comes to installation, first find out the router’s currently installed firmware and make sure it isn’t newer or matching this release. If checked, save and unzip the downloadable archive, and establish a wired connection between your router and a computer.

Now, log into its dashboard once more (username and password should be required), go to Advanced > Administration > Firmware Upgrade, click the “Browse” button, navigate and select the newly unzipped .img file, click “Upload,” and wait as the router does its job.

Cyber Security

However, while upgrading (progress bar is filling up), do not reboot/power off either the router or computer, remove the Ethernet cable or interrupt the process in any way. Doing so can lead to various malfunctions or even render the router unusable.

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