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Netgear rolled out a new firmware package developed for its R6400 wireless router that hikes protection on the device’s web server and with port forwarding.

In addition, the fix, which is version, removes the threat where the password recovery mechanism might disclose the password recovery token. It also clears a problem where some speed tests might show a drop in performance.

Netgear Updates Router Firmware
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Netgear Fixing Vulnerable Routers

In another fix, the update resolves a distributed denial of service (DDoS) false detect problem when accessing multiple IP CAMs from the Internet, as well as the insecure timestamp password vulnerability.

It is possible to download Netgear R6400 Router Firmware and apply it using the following steps:
• Save and unzip the downloadable archive, and establish a wired connection between Netgear’s Wireless unit and the computer that contains the firmware
• Enter the router’s administration page, go to Maintenance > Router Upgrade > Browse, select the newly unzipped .img file, hit “Upload,” and allow the unit to perform the installation

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