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By Gregory Hale
Networks today are large and complex and it is not easy to analyze the millions of inter-related data points that constantly race around the expanding network. Add to this complexity the fact industry is moving toward the virtualization as applications and data move between hosts, and get distributed across vast locations.

Along those lines, global network monitoring solution provider and technology manager, Statseeker will release Statseeker Version 5.0 toward the end of this month to provide a boost to network visibility.

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As networks expand with new applications and executives understand the value to the business, Statseeker’s network infrastructure monitoring solution employs scalable technology and features that address this evolving network migration.

“With all the different devices connected to the network and the network becoming connected to the enterprise, the network today is another piece of technology,” said Frank Williams, Chief Executive at Statseeker at the CiscoLive conference in Las Vegas this week. “With various networking initiatives like wireless and Internet of Things, we will help you manage these technologies to help produce a sustainable product.”

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Statseeker Version 5.0 will combine the features of previous versions with a range of additional features.

“Statseeker 5.0 provides users the ability to decide which features are best for them,” Williams said. “Before it was a one size fits all, you either got everything or nothing. We are now menu driven with an easy licensing scheme.”

The new features include:
Scalability: Increased virtual machine and physical interface support reduce CAPEX/OPEX costs. Version 5.0 monitors up to 1 million interfaces on a physical server and up to 500,000 interfaces on a virtual machine.
API Extensibility: Allows data export to your existing management reporting tools. Customize reports with data to make real-time decisions.
Custom Metrics: Reports and data views provide tailored visibility of important network information.
Higher Virtualization Support: Reduce CAPEX/OPEX costs and add flexibility as Stastseeker now monitors up to 500,000 interfaces from a single virtual machine.
High Availability Design: Ensures the network monitoring solution is always online and available.
New Licensing Options: Enables the user to select a product feature set designed to suit their specific business needs.

When planning for the future, network tools will need to poll the entire network in less than 60 seconds. No longer will a user be able to only look at ‘mission-critical’ devices, instead the user will have to know what all devices are doing — or not doing — on the network at all times. Fast polling will be a mandatory feature. And the growth of networks will demand the standard be less than 60 second polling for your entire network.

Scalability will be another key factor. Network solutions that easily scale to meet the explosive growth rate of a network, and do so, in a CAPEX/OPEX friendly way is crucial.

In addition, it will no longer be acceptable to average the data; granularity of data for quick network forensics will be the norm. A network monitoring solution must be able to provide granularity to all data.

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