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The OS X/Crisis malware looks to infect systems running Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard systems, said researchers at Security firm Intego.

Having said that, researchers are not sure if the malware is able to infect Apple’s upcoming Mountain Lion release.

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Crisis malware is able to install itself without any user interaction or notification and installs files locally, allowing the downloader to continue operating after a system restart, Intego said.

While the origin of the Crisis downloader was not available, researchers said they have not seen the malware performing attacks in the wild. They don’t know the exact nature of how the malware functions.

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“Depending on whether or not the dropper runs on a user account with root permissions, it will install different components,” Intego said in a report.

“As we have not yet seen if or how this threat is installed on a user’s system, it may be that an installer component would try to establish root permissions,” they said.

Crisis is the latest malware attack targeting the OS X platform. Other attacks include the Flashback Trojan.

Apple also stepped up its efforts to develop better protections for OS X. The company is highlighting a number of new security features for Mountain Lion.

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