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Emails landing in an inbox talking about invoices and taxes could be a new piece of banking malware, researchers said.

This new malware, called “Dyreza,” targets users of a number of major online banking services in the U.S. and the UK: Bank of America, Natwest, Citibank, RBS, and Ulsterbank, said researchers at Danish security company CSIS.

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“The code is designed to work similar to ZeuS and as most online banking threats it supports browser hooking for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox and harvests data at any point an infected user connects to the targets specified in the malware,” said CSIS researcher Peter Kruse in a blog post.

As it is with most successful malware, if it works in one industry, like banking in this case, it will surely end up used in other industries.

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This new Trojan hits victims via emails from the banks and, once run, the attached malicious file connects back to its C&Cs.

The malware also allows attackers to control browser traffic and perform Man-in-the-Middle attacks. By having this opportunity to read all the encrypted traffic between the victims’ browser and the financial institutions’ servers, they can also try to circumvent 2-factor authentication.

“We believe this is a new banker Trojan family and not yet another offspring from the ZeuS source code,” Kruse said. “Still it’s unclear if this is provided as a “Crime as a Service” or if it’s a full circle criminal outfit.”

Kruse said they found some of the malware’s C&C servers, and have even accessed parts of them and found a customized “money mule” panel with several accounts in Latvia.

Kruse also warns users to be wary of future spam campaigns delivering the Trojan, as there are indications the attackers will try to push it onto users by masquerading it as a Flash Player update.

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