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DCI Inc. is facing $378,488 in fines for exposing employees to crushing and struck-by hazards at its Lisbon, New Hampshire, manufacturing plant, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The furniture manufacturer faces the fines after investigators found 37 violations of workplace safety and health standards at the facility.

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OSHA opened an inspection after an employee suffered serious injuries after being pulled into an automated woodcutting machine.

Inspectors found a supervisor had disabled a light curtain on the machine, preventing the machine from stopping when an individual comes too close to its point of operation. OSHA cited DCI for a willful violation for this hazard.

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“Worker safety must always be an employer’s priority,” said OSHA Concord Area Office Director Rosemarie O. Cole. “Proactively addressing hazards achieves this goal.”

Concurrent comprehensive safety and health inspections identified other violations throughout the plant, including obstructed emergency exit routes; lack of eye, hand, and face protection; inadequate hearing and respirator safeguards; lack of procedures and training to prevent the unintended activation of machinery; amputation and laceration hazards; flammable and toxic hazards; untrained forklift operators; and electrical hazards.

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