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A fire Sunday at the Heartland Refinery in Columbus, OH, was likely the result of an equipment failure that caused the heated, highly-pressurized oil to leak.

Oil explodes or catches fire once it hits the air at temperatures and pressures that extreme, said Columbus Division of Fire Battalion Chief Steven Martin.

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It took three hours early Sunday morning for firefighters to extinguish the fire. There were also reports of an explosion during the incident in east Columbus.

Employees at the Heartland Refinery Plant contacted the Columbus Division of Fire just before 2:30 am Sunday on a report of a fire. Others in the area also contacted authorities reporting an explosion from the site.

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Martin said the cause of the fire is likely an equipment failure that caused the heated, highly-pressurized oil being refined at the facility to leak.

Martin said crews were able to hold back the flames while letting the oil “pressure bleed down” until the fire ended up contained.

There were no injuries in the incident. There were no immediate estimates of the damage.

This is the fourth time firefighters have responded to a fire at Heartland Refinery since 2010.

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