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Nozomi Networks signed a partnership deal to bundle its network visibility and real-time OT cyber security products with Accenture’s threat-hunting services.

Accenture chose Nozomi for its ICS cyber security technology across the oil and gas, energy, manufacturing, transportation and other industries. The goal is to address the cyber security needs of global enterprise organizations.

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The partnership includes:
• OT security solution that bundles Nozomi’s ICS cyber security solution with Accenture’s Security Services threat hunting capabilities.
• Accenture consultants around the world are now certified Nozomi Networks engineers
• SCADAguardian is live in the Accenture Houston Innovation Center OT Cyber Range – Oil & gas operators can experience Nozomi Networks’ real-time operational visibility and cyber security solutions in action against live threat scenarios.

In one deployment, the user is using a combination of virtual and physical Nozomi Networks SCADAguardian appliances, along with its Central Management Console (CMC). The goal is to give their ICT department visibility into its global plant operations, including those under third-party management where they can supervise and protect the security of extremely valuable business assets, and easily share insights with their executive leadership.

Cyber Security

“The oil and gas industry continues to be an attractive target for cyber criminals making it essential for companies to adopt a more proactive approach to cyber defense,” said Luis Luque, managing director at Accenture Security. “With Nozomi Networks, companies immediately gain OT network monitoring and threat detection technology that can be integrated with Accenture’s security services and solutions.”

This move comes on the heels of Nozomi being selected by GE Power to provide real-time visibility and cyber security protection to energy and other critical infrastructure customers across the globe.

GE will utilize Nozomi Networks’ solutions for industrial control system (ICS) cyber resiliency and real-time operational visibility.

“Cyber incidents are inevitable in today’s world. It’s our job to understand what is most important to the business and manage the risk. If an incident does happen, proper response is key in determining the level of impact it will have on your business,” said Teresa Zielinski, senior vice president and CISO at GE Power Security. “Now, as cyber threats against energy and other critical infrastructure industries continue to rise, our customers are asking for advanced solutions to monitor and detect cyber attacks against their OT networks.”

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