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OT visibility provider, Nozomi Networks Inc., launched its Nozomi Networks Labs, which will focus on sharing its own research and collaborate with partners, peers, universities, government and institutional researchers.

The goal behind the lab to provide the ICS cyber security community with the information, tools and guidance that can help reduce cyber threats to industrial and critical national infrastructure.

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As an example of these efforts, Nozomi Networks also said Radamsa – an open source fuzzing tool for testing software – accepted and integrated a set of Nozomi Networks Labs code contributions that make it faster and easier to test the security of ICS device software with its open source fuzzing tool. The updated version of the tool is available now on GitLab.

“Today marks the formal launch and a more concentrated effort for Nozomi Networks Labs,” said Nozomi Networks Co-founder and CTO Moreno Carullo. “Over the last few years our researchers have participated in standards development, contributed more than a dozen responsible vulnerability disclosures, and delivered actionable research and tools on Triton and GreyEnergy.”

Cyber Security

Nozomi Networks Labs current and future programs include:
• ICS malware research and tools
• Responsible disclosure of ICS vulnerabilities
• Standards bodies participation
• ICS and IT expert staff support for Nozomi Networks client organizations
• Collaboration with partners on threat intelligence and ICS data analytics
• Support for and/or participation in ICS cyber security research conducted by universities, institutions and government bodies
• Peer collaboration on joint research initiatives with individual security researchers

“Research, community collaboration and giving back have always been part of Nozomi Networks’ DNA,” said Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Andrea Carcano. “Nozomi Networks Labs will allow us to make an even greater contribution to the ICS cyber security community.”

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