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Dead Ringer LLC of Rochester, NY, is facing a $43,500 civil penalty for importing and distributing radioactive material without proper licenses, federal officials said.

An investigation in 2017 established Dead Ringer was selling gun sights containing radioactive material (tritium) without proper licenses, beginning in January 2015, said officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

While consumers do not need a license to possess such gun sights, a company that distributes them is required to have an exempt distribution license from the NRC and to register the sealed source and device.

An exempt distribution license authorizes distribution to unlicensed wholesalers or retailers. The company was also required to have a license from the State of New York to possess radioactive material.

Dead Ringer informed the NRC in December 2017 it had stopped distributing the gun sights. Subsequent NRC investigations determined the sights remained available online through Dead Ringer’s official store on

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The investigation determined company officials willfully continued to sell the gun sights without seeking the licenses to avoid paying licensing fees.

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