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A Browns Ferry nuclear plant worker suffered an injury and radiation exposure after a five-foot fall at the nuclear plant Wednesday, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) said.

The worker received a “minor amount of radiological contamination” after he fell and suffered a laceration to his forehead at the Athens, AL, facility, TVA said.

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The worker was conducting an inspection of the dry well as part of a planned refueling outage in Browns Ferry’s Unit 2 reactor, TVA spokesman Jim Hopson said. The refueling outage began March 13.

Hopson said the worker failed to negotiate a “five- to six-foot depression” in the dry well and suffered the injury in the fall. The dry well is in a layer that surrounds the Unit 2 reactor.

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He was “successfully decontaminated” after being transported to Decatur Morgan General Hospital where was listed in “stable” condition. TVA said “there was no radiological safety consequence due to the contamination to the individual and medical responders or members of the public were not impacted.”

Hopson called the incident a “very unfortunate event” and said TVA is reminding plant workers to be aware of potential hazards while working in areas they don’t normally access, except during a refueling.

The Browns Ferry plant near Athens houses three nuclear reactors and is the TVA’s largest nuclear plant. Browns Ferry’s three generating units provide a combined 3,300 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 2 million homes.

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