NN Metal Stampings Inc. is facing $77,322 in fines for 11 safety violations at its Pioneer, Ohio, facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA investigators cited NN Metal Stampings for nine serious and two other-than-serious safety violations.

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OSHA initiated an investigation after receiving a complaint of unsafe working conditions at the company that stamps metal parts for the automotive and appliance industry.

The agency’s August 2016 inspection found the company:
• Exposed workers to operating parts of machinery because parts were not locked out during service and maintenance and employees were not properly trained on machine safety procedures
• Failed to provide adequate personal protective equipment for workers performing electrical work
• Violated electrical safe work practices
• Did not develop safety procedures for die setting, mechanical power presses and other machinery
• Failed to inspect fork trucks prior to each use and re-evaluate operators at least every three years

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“Each year hundreds of workers are injured because employers fail to implement machine safety procedures and train workers to safely perform their jobs,” said Joe Margetiak, acting area director of OSHA’s Toledo office. “NN Metal Stampings needs to immediately review their safety and health management system and training procedures to protect workers on the job.”

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