There is an “escalated enforcement action” against the Perry nuclear plant in Ohio because of a security violation, said officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

NRC did not give any information on the nature of the security violation, as the agency typically treats security issues as confidential. But plant operator FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co. (Fenoc) spokeswoman Jennifer Young said the NRC found the violation in January, when “Perry site protection personnel self-identified a potential vulnerability that could have allowed unauthorized or undetected access to the Protected Area.”

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She also said security issues are “safeguarded information,” and therefore no further detail on the vulnerability or the corrective actions were provided.

“The challenge was immediately addressed with actions taken to correct the issue,” Young said.

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Associated with the violation is a greater-than-green finding, NRC said. A finding rates the significance of a security or safety problem at a nuclear reactor.

Green is the least significant category of finding in the agency’s color-coded reactor oversight process, followed by white, yellow and red in increasing order of significance.

It is customary for the agency not to disclose the exact level of security finding when it is beyond the base level.

A greater-than-green finding has “at least low to moderate security significance” and “will require a supplemental NRC inspection,” the agency said. It added issuing the notice to Fenoc is “escalated enforcement action.”

Young said Perry will be ready for the supplemental NRC inspection later this year.

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