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After a treater leaked 3,000 gallons of oil and saltwater, a cleanup is now underway at a fracking site in Stanley, Mountrail County, North Dakota.

About 40 barrels of oil and 30 barrels of brine released Monday at a site operated by Arsenal Energy USA Inc. near Stanley, said state Health Department officials. A barrel holds 42 gallons.

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An unknown amount of oil and brine flowed into a stock pond. State officials are monitoring the cleanup.

The spill was the result of a treater leak. A treater separates and conditions oil-gas-saltwater mixtures so the oil can end up transported.

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Oil and brine spills continue to be an issue throughout North Dakota.

In one case, after workers lost control of a well in northwestern North Dakota, oil and saltwater continued to spill across the area until workers were able to shut it down four days later, officials said.

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