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An investigation is underway after a 24-year-old worker died following an incident at the Fort Hills oil sands site in northern Alberta, Canada.

A spokesperson for the construction firm Ledcor said one of its employees died at the Fort Hills open-pit truck and shovel mine facility in northern Alberta, April 29.

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The incident occurred in the afternoon while the worker was conducting maintenance at the Suncor site, said Ledcor spokesman David Hoff. Ledcor is contracted to provide maintenance work at the Suncor facility.

The victim died in what Hoff described as a “light-vehicle accident,” involving a collision with a half-ton truck or a pickup.

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Ledcor and Suncor were conducting investigations into the incident, as was a government agency, Hoff said.

“Emergency services were immediately contacted and attended on-site,” Hoff said, reading a statement after the incident occurred. “Professional grief counselling and support has been extended to all impacted personnel.

“Ledcor executives, managers and employees extend their thoughts and prayers to the deceased’s family, friends and work colleagues,” he said.

A spokesperson for Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) received notification and personnel were dispatched to the scene. On Wednesday, OHS said it issued a stop-work order for Ledcor a day earlier. The order affects any tailings work that uses powered equipment at the site. OHS said the order would stay in place until Ledcor completes a hazard assessment.

Hoff initially said all “local maintenance work” had been temporarily halted at the site after the incident unfolded.

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