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ExxonMobil is monitoring three oil sheens outside its Beaumont, TX, plant, company officials said Wednesday.

They have not determined the source of the oil, said spokesperson, Ashley Alemayehu.

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One is on a county road near the facility, and there is one each on the southern and northern sides of the company’s downtown facility. 

“All of the sheens have been contained,” she said. The “sheen” indicates oil has left the facility, but the source is unknown, while a “spill” would refer to a leak with a known source.

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Alemayehu said the company is assessing the complex, which was flooded this weekend, to determine when they can resume operations.

Like other plants, they’ve had flares to burn off excess product while the facility has been shut down. “The appearance of the flares should be improving now,” she said, as they’ve been able to get steam to them, which they weren’t able to do over the weekend because of the flooding. 

The Exxon Mobil polyethylene plant on U.S. 90 is beginning the startup process, she said. 

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