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One man died and another injured after an explosion and fire at an oil field tank battery south of Bristow in Creek County, OK, said the Creek County Sheriff’s Office.

The worker that died is Kyle Polkingham, while the injured worker, John Ellis, is undergoing treatment in intensive care.

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Deputies said two men were working on an oil tank battery transferring oil from one tank to another because of repair issues with the original tank. Investigators are still working to determine what caused the explosion.

“The smoke went high in the air,” said Creek County Deputy Daniel Brashear. “I could see it from the Shamrock area.”

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Brashear said he rushed to the scene after seeing the smoke fill the air.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “Sometimes we don’t know what to expect until we get here.”

Brashear said the two men were repairing an oil tank battery that was leaking when it exploded.

Crews are waiting for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to continue the investigation.

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