An explosion shook the area as a fire broke out at the Phillips 66 Refinery in Roxana, IL.

An explosion in a crude operating area at the Phillips 66 Refinery late Sunday afternoon in Roxana, IL, shook residents’ homes.

Cause of the fire remains under investigation, said Melissa Erker, a spokesperson for the refinery. She said the investigation started Sunday evening after the fire was quickly extinguished.

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The blaze occurred in an operating area working with crude oil, Erker said. The entire refinery complex is dedicated to converting crude into usable resources. During one of the steps in that process, however, something went wrong.

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Following the explosion, one contract worker was taken to a local hospital to be treated. He was able to walk to an ambulance, but is still receiving treatments at the hospital, Erker said. She could not provide information on his condition.

As for those who heard the explosion – some of whom reported their homes shaking – Erker said they are not facing any increased hazards from the incident. She said the refinery works through local first responders to ensure the safety of their residents.

Police and fire departments in the area were on-hand and ready to assist the refinery on containing the incident. Erker said the professionals within the refinery were able to quickly extinguish the blaze from within.

“We have two foam pumpers inside the plant,” Erker said.

“All the air quality monitoring that we do with sophisticated tools show that there were no detectable levels of anything that would be concerning in terms of smoke or plumes to the community,” Erker said.

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