There is a new online career-simulation platform that lets students and jobseekers check out careers in cyber security and gain exposure to the skills they’ll need.

LifeJourney enables cyber security companies to become role models for millions of students and others interested in understanding careers across the industry. Using the LifeJourney platform, companies can showcase their talent and transform their technologies into virtual experiences.

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Users can experience “field trips,” that lets them live a day in the life of an actual cyber security professional. The platform released at the RSA Conference 2013 in San Francisco.

Careers in cyber security are growing and will not go away as more and more sophisticated attackers, hackers, spies, and cyber criminals steal technology, money, innovation, and intellectual property. The United States government has said there is a shortage of skilled workers and they want to work alongside private companies to create and nurture positions for the cyber generation.

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“Cyber security is one of the most important missions in the U.S. today. Building the cyber generation will require educators, government agencies and companies to align their education and workforce development efforts in innovative new ways,” said Robert Rodriguez , chairman of the Security Innovation Network (SINET). “We need to give students, returning veterans, and other jobseekers a way to engage with our industry.”

There are now 50 cyber security LifeJourney modules available, each representing a cyber security career. A company can choose to represent an entire career, or it can use its products and specialized expertise to create field trips that bring important facets of the industry to life. There are hundreds of possible cyber field trips a company can present, showcasing fields and topics like digital forensics, advanced persistent threats, mobile application security, cloud security, reverse engineering, critical infrastructure protection, and many others.

Every LifeJourney offers a series of connected interactive learning activities designed to expose students to the real life skills and challenges for each career.

Depending on the LifeJourney, field trips might be online scavenger hunts, watching video programs, participating in technology training, solving puzzles, or sometimes using real interactive simulations.

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