Vendor-neutral technology consortium, The Open Group, published the O-PAS Standard, Version 2.0 developed by The Open Group Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF).

This version is the first major update to the standard for open process automation systems since the O-PAS Standard, Version 1.0, published in February 2019.

The O-PAS Standard, Version 2.0, provides a vendor-neutral reference architecture which enables the construction of scalable, reliable, interoperable, and secure process automation systems. The latest release, which is a Preliminary Standard of The Open Group, has further emphasis on standardized system configuration portability to significantly reduce capital cost and time investment for end-users. With these capabilities, end-users can easily exchange equipment without being tied to a single vendor or requiring individual configuration parameters to be written in different operating languages.

“The publication of the O-PAS Standard, Version 2.0, represents an important achievement by The Open Group Open Process Automation Forum in a very short space of time,” said Forum Director, Ed Harrington. “In the past year, we have made significant additions to the Standard, with an increased focus placed on Security and System Management – which are at the heart of any successful control strategy.”

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“Since the launch of OPAF, we have seen more than 100 member organizations across a range of industries become directly involved with the development of this Reference Architecture,” Harrington continued. “Version 2.0 takes us one step further toward our ideal environment, which is a ‘standard of standards’ designed to bring greater unity and consistency in how process automation is achieved.”

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