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OT security provider, Radiflow, and the cybersecurity division of Yanai Engineering are offering a tool set to enable value added partners to provide managed Security Operations Center (SOC) services for operational technology (OT) networks with industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

As part of this OT SOC partner program, Radiflow and Yanai are providing a tool kit combining Radiflow’s industrial cybersecurity solutions with Yanai’s methodology for integrating operational engineering with cybersecurity tools to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) that want to enter the OT space.

A main component in this OT SOC tool kit is Radiflow’s iSID Intrusion Detection System. iSID protects OT networks and ICS and SCADA environments by alerting on breach attempts and cyberattacks into the OT network by flagging potential risks based on deep network learning and asset mapping.

The security alerts reported by Radiflow’s iSID are analyzed to evaluate their operational impact by an engineering methodology developed by Yanai based on its experience in industrial engineering combined with its ongoing research of cyberattacks in industrial operations. 

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Yanai is an electrical engineering company based in Israel that launched its managed OT SOC in late 2017 using Radiflow’s iSID system in the network analysis layer and has since attracted users from the energy, water, building management and additional sectors from across the country.

For the OT SOC operators, the tool set also includes Radiflow’s iSAP Smart Probe for collecting and transferring OT network traffic from customer sites to the managed SOC. The iSAP uses Radiflow’s patented mechanism to perform pre-processing of the local network traffic at the customer facility before securely and efficiently sending the relevant metadata to the iSID at the managed SOC.

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