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Hackers will intensify their attacks and target mobile devices, especially since users have come to rely on them for a wide range of tasks, a new report said.

One of the greatest concerns is two-step verification mechanisms will no longer be able to stop mobile man-in-the-middle attacks, according to the 2014 security predictions from IT security firm Trend Micro.

Firms Average 9 Targeted Attacks a Year
Tech. Industry Lags in Security Effectiveness
Attackers Dig in to Mining Companies
Management Seeing the Security Light

The report focuses on mobile malware, targeted campaigns, attack vectors, data breaches, Java 6 and Windows XP vulnerabilities, the Deep Web, privacy and the Internet of Everything.

As far as cybercriminal operations go, Trend Micro researchers said attackers will prefer to launch smaller but more effective campaigns because there has been a great deal of success with the targeted attacks.

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Trend Micro said in 2014, the industry could see an increase in the use of clickjacking, watering hole tactics, spear phishing and new exploits. Mobile devices will likely be an attack vector to penetrate networks.

Judging by the large number of major data breaches that occurred in 2013, the industry should expect at least one major data breach each month in the coming year.

Law enforcement agencies from all over the world have come to realize illegal activities take place in the Deep Web, which is why they’ve concentrated efforts on investigating such crimes.

The Deep Web is Internet content not part of the Surface Web, which ends up indexed by standard search engines.

However, the Trend Micro researchers said law enforcement will continue to face significant challenges.

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