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Rockland firefighters respond to a fire at Kelliher Brothers Oil Company.
Photo by Rockland Fire Department

One firefighter suffered an injury while extinguishing a fire that broke out at the Kelliher Brothers Oil Company that started from “overloaded power strip” early Monday morning.

The fire broke out around 3 a.m. at the Kelliher Brothers Oil Company on Plain Street in Rockland, MA.

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The firefighter’s injuries are non-life-threatening, said Rockland Fire Chief Scott Duffey. The firefighter ended up treated and released from a local hospital.

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Nearby oil tanks were initially thought to be an ignition concern, but they turned out to be empty.

No one was in the building at the time.

The fire was sparked by an overloaded power strip, said the state fire marshal.

“It’s important not to overload extension cords and power strips. Use only small appliances that don’t draw a lot of current. Extension cords and power strips are designed for temporary use only and should not replace regular outlets,” said state Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey.

He also advised:
• Plug heavy-duty appliances, like air conditioners, directly into an outlet and not into a power strip
• Do not put electrical cords underneath rugs or put items on top of them
• Make sure cords are not pinched behind furniture
• Charge laptops and phones only on hard surfaces

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