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The 65-year-old plant in Shamokin Dam, PA, once produced enough electricity to power a city three times the size of Scranton.

Sunbury Generation said they were shutting down the coal-fired plant by June. About 60 workers will be out of a job.

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And the Sunbury Steam Plant will be just the latest of more than a dozen coal-powered plants in Pennsylvania to close in the past five years.

Plant officials essentially said coal is dead back in 2011, when they announced it would be converted from a coal to natural gas. But the conversion ended when the financing fell through.

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According to a utility industry source, unpredictable natural gas prices and falling projections for future electricity use made banks concerned about loaning money for the proposed project.

Tighter emissions rules for coal plants set to take effect next year leaves this facility unprofitable, company officials said.

The closing leaves PPL’s Montour steam electric station in Washingtonville as the only remaining large coal-fired plant in the area.

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