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A glass leak caused a large fire at the Vitro Architectural Glass in South Middleton Township, PA.

A glass leak which led to a large fire at a glass manufacturing facility forced workers to evacuate the plant in Cumberland County, PA, Thursday morning.

The fire broke out at Vitro Architectural Glass in South Middleton Township, where crews from 43 municipalities in six counties responded to the call.

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One person ended up injured and taken to the hospital, but a Cumberland County communications representative said the person’s injuries were extremely minor.

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“We did end up transporting one individual from the scene. This was for very, very minor injuries,” said Rachel Bryson, Cumberland County’s communications director.

The fire was out, as of 4 p.m., but firefighters, the Department of Environmental Protection and HazMat crews monitored the scene after as a precaution.

“Huge black cloud emanated from (the fire),” said Tom Faley, a South Middleton supervisor. “I was over at the township headquarters building over here in Park Drive, a mile, maybe half a mile away. This thing was up 500 feet in the sky.”

The fire, he said, is the biggest he’s seen in 21 years as a supervisor, which worried him two-fold.

“It’s one of our largest industries,” Faley said. “You can see that from the hundreds of cars over there.”

The company makes glass for cars, buildings and homes. This morning, something went wrong at the plant.

“A glass leak was discovered on one of the two glass melting furnaces,” said Vitro’s human resources officer, Teal Gaylord.

There’s been no immediate information on the damage caused.

Gaylord said she is optimistic because her boss is asking employees to report to work as scheduled.

“Today, immediately,” she said. “I believe our next shift coming in is at 7, and we would like those people to report to help us get those operations back up and underway.”

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