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Lamm’s Machine Inc., an Allentown, PA, machine manufacturing company, is facing $14,782 in fines for exposing employees to dangerous chemical hazards, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA responded to complaints on Aug. 30 when they found employees exposed to hazardous chemical vapors from a degreasing operation in an enclosed space.

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The employer ended up cited for failing to evaluate the workplace to determine if there was a need for respirators; develop a respiratory protection program; use effective ventilation systems and respirators; ensure proper use of compressed air for cleaning purposes, and provide proper hand protection.

“Employers must monitor their facilities to ensure workplace health and safety procedures are adequate and effective,” said Jean Kulp, OSHA Area Office Director in Allentown. “Exposure to these types of hazardous chemical vapors can lead to serious illnesses and health issues.”

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Lamm’s Machine, Inc. is a custom component manufacturer providing engineered metal and plastic products to other manufacturers and assemblers in the market area we serve. 

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