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ACF Industries LLC, a manufacturer and fabricator of specialty railcar parts and miscellaneous steel products, in Milton, Pennsylvania, is facing $87,000 in fines for one willful and three serious safety and health violations, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The company’s headquarters is in St. Charles, Missouri.

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OSHA initiated an inspection after receiving notification an employee received second- and third- degree burns on his face, arms and hands from an arc blast while changing a fuse.

Inspectors found the employee was a blasting machine operator trainee and not a trained, qualified electrician; the employee did not have the proper personal protective equipment; and the electrical service did not end up de-energized or locked out while changing the fuse.

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“This unfortunate incident could have easily been prevented if the employer took the necessary steps to ensure that employees were protected while performing highly-hazardous tasks,” said Mark Stelmack, director of OSHA’s Wilkes-Barre Area Office. “Putting unqualified, untrained and unprotected employees in harm’s way will not be tolerated.”

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