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Graphic Packaging International LLC, an Atlanta, Georgia-based paper product manufacturer, is facing $211,400 in fines for exposing employees to hot steam, and failing to ensure the use of proper hazardous energy control methods, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA launched an investigation of the Queen City, Texas, facility after hot steam burned an employee trying to repair a leak on a steam-line header.

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Investigators found the header had been leaking for several months and found the company violated federal safety standards for personal protective equipment (PPE), lockout/tagout, and process safety management (PSM).

“Unexpected energy such as steam has the potential to cause severe injuries when proper procedures are absent,” said OSHA Area Director Basil Singh, in Dallas, Texas. “Using safe energy control procedures could have prevented this injury.”

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OSHA offers compliance assistance resources on protective equipment, controlling hazardous energy, and safely managing hazardous chemicals.

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